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Disclaimer for ComputerLemonLaw.com

ComputerLemonLaw.com is provided as a public service by the lemon law and consumer advocacy firm of Kimmel & Silverman for informational purposes only. Information on our website should not be construed as legal advice as each case and fact pattern may alter the course of advisable action. We strongly advise consumers to contact a consumer law firm, such as Kimmel & Silverman, by telephone (1-800-536-6652) or e-mail to gain specific answers to particular problems or concerns. Neither visiting this website nor e-mailing the Firm constitutes an attorney-client relationship with Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. Also, please note that Kimmel & Silverman can not guarantee the outcome of any Lemon Law, Breach of Warranty, or Dealer Fraud case.

Kimmel & Silverman does not charge fees to clients because we use fee-shifting statutes in state-specific Lemon Law and Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, making payment of fees the responsibility of the manufacturer. If the consumer prevails, the manufacturer is responsible for paying all attorney fees and legal costs in addition to the client's recovery or, in some cases, as part a settlement offer to resolve the case. If the client proceeds with a case, participates but does prevail, there is absolutely no cost for our services. Win or lose, clients will never be required to pay any money out of their pocket, provided they cooperate in prosecuting the case. Prior to filing a lawsuit, clients are asked to review and sign a fee agreement that states the manufacturer is responsible for all legal costs, and also outlines the responsibilities of the client and the Firm.

Kimmel & Silverman also helps clients in cases involving dealer fraud, spot delivery and commercial claims. These are handled on a contingency and/or fee shifting basis depending on the facts. Similarly, there is no cost or fee if the consumer does not prevail. Links included in our resource section do not imply endorsement or recommendation by Kimmel & Silverman and are only provided as a public service. Testimonials featured on our website come from thank you letters and feedback forms and are on file in Kimmel & Silverman's Cherry Hill, NJ office. Any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this website can be directed to Michael Sacks, Director of Communications & Client Services, by clicking here.

For purposes of meeting the different requirements various states' Rules of Attorney Ethics, the following additional disclosures are made:

A decision on legal services is important and should not be solely based on advertising. Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. makes no representations that any of its attorneys are certified as specialists in any area of law by any state board of legal specialization.

No representations on this web site are meant to imply that the quality of the affiliated attorney's services is greater than the quality of the legal services of any other attorney or law firm.

A lawyer or law firm may not ethically guarantee an outcome of a claim. Kimmel & Silverman does not intend a meaning or perception from the content of this website which could be viewed otherwise. Every case is different and every state has unique and specific legal requirements to have a successful claim. To the extent that any other impression has beeen or might be read from the site, it is entirely accidental and unintentional. Consumers are urged to speak with a lawyer, ours or another, regarding their case and the application of the law. Prior to evaluating the strength or merit of legal action, remember that the internet is filled with misinformation, and that certain sites may not disclose all relevant or accurate information. As with everything a prospective client should be comfortable with their choice in lawyer and law firm. Nothing can substitute for thorough research.

We have attempted to make the information herein accurate, educational, helpful and diverse. If you have any concerns or comments regarding this website, please send us a message.

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