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Is Your Computer A Lemon?

A Computer Lemon Law is in the works in Pennsylvania!

Are you tired of your computer problem? Does your computer freeze up time and time again, with error messages disrupting your daily use? Are you frustrated with being on the tech support line for hours at a time, only to be transferred from one operator to the next, with no one properly diagnosing your problem? Consumers report that it's happening time and time again and that is why there is a need to create a Computer Lemon Law, a statute similar to the automobile lemon law, which protects consumers who suffer repeatedly from the same computer problems.

The good news is that if you repeatedly have a computer problem and the computer is still under warranty, you are entitled to cost-free legal help. This site will educate you about the Federal warranty rights you currently have and the goal of Pennsylvania House Bill 2284, which we hope will become the Nation's first Computer Lemon Law. The law, similar in nature to the Automobile Lemon Law, has generated national attention and Connecticut and Illinois legislatures are also researching the possibility of a similar bill.

Under the Bill, a purchaser is entitled to effective repairs for any problems that occur within the first 24 months of ownership. In addition, consumers with extended manufacturers warranties will have additional coverage throughout the length of their contract, including computer support.

Through this site, you can read House Bill 2284, or review a summary of the Bill, and receive a free consultation from the law firm of Kimmel & Silverman. We hope you find our website to be helpful and educational and welcome your feedback.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Lemon Computer?


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